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Dear Ramesh,  

Greetings from Mumbai!!

Once in a life time, we are fortunate to be part of something insanely great and leave a legacy that can last beyond us. This calls for ‘Pay it Forward’ wherein we move from learning to leading to influencing and finally enabling others to make an impact.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the World’s #1 Executive Coach has exactly done that. He pioneered an initiative called MG 100 Project, wherein he selected a league of 100 Global Thinkers, Philosophers, Superbosses, Corporate Leaders, Coaches and Gurus who he would pass on whatever he has learnt in his life time w.r.t coaching and enabling others. This is a ‘Super League of World’s best Change Agents who have committed to pay it forward through their Thoughts, Words and Action, under the guided philosophy of Marshall. This league of 100 was selected from a whopping 16000 applicants and this has been rated as one of the most viral communications, in the history of LinkedIn that caught attention and invited interests from aspirants across the world.  A glimpse of this league is available on the link below: –


Marshall Goldsmith- the World’s #1 Leadership Thinker (ranked by Thinkers50, Inc., The Economist), Inc. magazine, Fast Company magazine), and 3-time New York Times bestselling author has now decided to bring his legacy programme “Pay it Forward’ to India, where he would be selecting the Top 25 Indian Coaches, comprising leaders, CEOs, Influencers and Gurus. To know more about him and his work, please peruse the below link.


Basis our research and study of your work and leadership journey, we believe you have the foundational mindset, expertise; experience and the stature to be part of this League of Legends – MG India 25 Coaches. This email is an exclusive invitation for you to join the movement – Pay if Forward by teaching all you have learnt in your vast career, under guided mastery, which you will be able to further hone, in the two days exclusive program that Marshall, himself would anchor in the coming months, in India. The exact dates for this will be announced subsequently.

Prior to that, Marshall is going to be in India on 19th August (SUNDAY) and will be formally inaugurating the MG India 25 Coaches project, for which you are a natural choice. We are hosting a small media engagement to inaugurate and declare our list of first 15 India Super Coaches. The exact time of the event ceremony will be shared later.

May we ask you to block your calendar to grace the occasion, be part of MG India 25 Coaches Super League of Luminaries and join the movement ‘Pay if Forward’. We appreciate that you have accomplished much in your life and this is why we are reaching out to you.

If you have been entertaining the thoughts of making a difference and leaving a legacy by paying it forward, then please do send us your consent of joining us 19th August and I will follow with subsequent details. I can assure you it is not something to be missed.


Himanshu Saxena

Founder & CEO I Centre of Strategic Mindset LLP

511,Ascot Centre, Off Sahar Road, Near Hyatt Regency

Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

M: + 91 9619066791


# Honored to among Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coaches in Strategy and Culture

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