Amir – was this warranted…….

It was a shocker to see the advertisement of PK, featuring a full page Amir Khan posing in the nude. It was least expected from an actor of Amir’s stature. An actor of repute, finesse, poise and apolitical. An actor who acted in Laagan, Three Idiots, Ghajini, Rang De Basanti etc. seems to have resorted to the oft repeated strategy of shedding clothes to regain attention and stardom.

Offcourse the Director, Producer, Writer and even Amir will say that it was necessary, the plot required it, the character being portrayed required it, the situation required it etc.  Assuming that we are convinced that this scene was required either because of the plot, situation, character etc., where was the need to publish it on the promo and release full page advertisements. Given that many celebrities, Hollywood actors have posed nudes in many a films but that scene doesn’t become the promotional material or they become poster boys posing nude.

Whats happening with Amir. With this one brash stroke he has lowered his stature to another attention /publicity seeking Bollywood actor. He has become the butt of joke online on Social Media and is being compared to Poonam Pande & Sunnly Leone. In what way is he different from them. If women can be booked for nudity (even wearing skimpy clothes), why not Amir – no wonder a PIL has been filed against him in the Court.

Has he become insecure with rising stars, the patching up of Sharukh & Salman or is he going thro the mid career blues. Is he trying to prove a point or is he competing on body building with Hrithik, Salman, John Abraham, Ranveer etc. He must realise that even Rajanikant and his son-in-law Dhanush can build & flaunt 6 packs – so its no great shakes to pose a chisled body with 6/8 packs. 

Or is it all for money. Dhoom 3 raked in 400 crores (if media is to be believed) and he needs to generate much more than that for PK. No doubt he is setting high standards in terms of performance and ROI, but he also needs to set Moral/Ethical standards while trying to do better than the previous one. After all he has taken the moral high ground with his Satyava Me Jayate and generally seen as a Celebrity of high morals and Ethics. 

He (may be his Producers) has just about pulled off with his sensational – strategy as he is back in the centre of news/attention (he as missing from news & action) and has managed to create an excitement & buzz, which is sure to pull crowds to his film being released in December. He is sure to rake more money than he did in Dhoom 3. But for a man of his stature to stoop so low to pull crowds for his film is a big betrayal to his educated fans……because “means to an end is as important as the end itself”
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