The greatest Birthday Gift

The greatest gift one can ever get on a birthday. A wonderful & a surprise gesture from my large HR team (85 of them) @ Schneider Electric and it feels so nice to know that I am revered by them and from their heart.I have always said that “I am only as good as my team and whatever I have been able to achieve or am today, its because of my team, their unstinted support, their toil, hard work, dedication, loyalty, determination, the passion they bring to work & top it all the love & warmth that they shower on me. I have for long been contemplating to hang my boots, but this wonderful team is the reason why I am extending my corporate world each quarter. It would be hard to imagine living a day without this team. They inspire me to continue my journey & give the best. This would probably be the best gift ever and truly to cherish the rest of my life. Thanks to all my team members for this great gesture and for the wonderful party that we had……….

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