Contrasting experience with Public Services

During the past few weeks we had 2 needs. To renew the Passport for my daughter and to apply for a Death Certificate for my father in law. We had two contrasting experiences. One good and the other pathetic experience.


We were planning a holiday during the Christmas holidays and suddenly we found that my Daughters Passport was due to expire in 1st week of January. Normally embassies insist on atleast 6 months validity of Passport to issue a Visa. There was a pall of gloom over my Daughters face. Will we be able to get our passport renewed in time and apply for a Visa.

We discovered on a Saturday and had about 40 days time to travel. Immediately we swung into action. Browsed the Passport website and educated ourselves as to what is to be done to renew a passport that is due to expire. It was very simple to navigate, very user friendly and very educative. We applied for an appointment for a Tatkal Visa and lo to our surprise we got an appointment for Tuesday 12 pm. We had heard horror stories about the Passport office and it was a pleasant surprise that we got an appointment in just 2 days.

We ensured that we got all our documents right (as clearly enunciated in the website) and went to the Passport Office on Outer Ring Road, Bellandur, Bangalore. We had an invitation to be present at the gate by 11.45 am. We were there by 11.30 am. The security guard allowed us in without much hassle. As my daughter was a minor – 16yrs old, they let the father in.

We stood in a que at the Reception for about 10 mins and we were at the counter. They collected our appointment letter, checked our documents and gave us a File and receipt and token number. We were then ushered into the Main Passport processing office. There was  big crowd but fairly organised. Within 5 minutes our token number was flashing and in we went to the 1st counter, manned by TCS staff. Very polite and professional, took our application file, scanned our documents, took out Tatkal fees, too finger print and photo graph of my daughter and then cleared us for the second round. All over in about 10 mins. We had to wait for some time for the second round (15 mins) and then the officer checked our documents again and then cleared us for the 3rd round. Again we had to wait for another 15 mins and then the Passport Officer checked the documents again and then cleared us. We were good to go. We enquired when can we expect the Passport and he said as a Tatkal case it will be delivered in 3days much to our disbelief. All over in 1 hour. Except for the cramped space and crowd, every thing was well organised and went as per the que system as determined by the Computer.

That was Tuesday and on Friday morning my daughter called me in office and told me that she has recieved the Passport. It was a great surprise. In 3 days as promised the Passport was delivered home.

What a relief. Unbelievable from application to delivery in 6 days. We had heard about the crowd, the corruption, the agents, the inefficiency at the Passport Office. But our experience was just the opposite. It was very efficient, prompt and treated very well. No middlemen, honestly no facilitation fee given to any one and service rendered in quick time.

We would like to Congratulate the Passport Office for their excellent service and appreciate them for streamlining the process and ensuring Customer Delight. What a Great experience.


My father in law passed away on 15th Aug 2013. I cremated him in Banashankari burial ground. We were given an acknowledgement late at night and told that we can collect the Death Certificate 15 days later from Bommanahalli BBMP office. We went promptly to the BBMP office in Bommanahalli after 15 days to collect the same. They told us that they havent got the information from the Burial ground and that we need to wait. We went after a week and the same story. We went to the Burial ground after 3 weeks and followed up with them. They hadnt sent yet. Then they told us that we need to provide another form with Doctors Certificate indicating the cause of death. After having this form filled up by the Doctor, we went to the Bommanahalli BBMP office to submit this form. They said that 21 days has expired and we have delayed. We explained to them that we were not aware of this rule and that the Burial ground had delayed. They said that the Health Inspector will have to inspect our house and give a report, after which they will send the file to the Head Quarters and we will get the Death Certificate. After  a few days of chasing and follow up the Health inspector came home and then filed his report

By now 40 days over. My son went to follow up after a week and the clerk said we have sent to the Head Quarters and awaiting. This went on for 2 months. Every week visit to the BBMP office and same reply “Sahibru inno sign madila” ie. the officer has not yet signed the form.

Finally my neighbour used his influence to find out whats happening. He told us that we need to go to the Upparpet Head Quarters and follow up with the Health Officials there. My Mother in Law and Son went there and finally traced our file and got it signed by the Health Officer there. No explanation given for delay. Just sitting over the file, while blaming us for delayed application.

After that my mother in law took the file to the BBMP office and handed over to the clerk. Finally taking pity that my mother in law her self came, the Health inspector immediately processed and handed over the Death Certificate.

It was issued after 3 months and more than a dozen visit to the BBMP office.

There was no sense of remorse for the delay, no sensitivity shown to the deceased person or to my Mother in Law.

What a contrasting experience with 2 Government Public service organisations. One a sheer Customer Delight and other a Pathetic Experience.

Well do we have a choice………..

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