Adios – Sachin….There will never be another cricketer like you

Its indeed a sad moment to all of the cricket fans the world over, that the Master Blaster has hung his boots and will never again be playing another cricket match. Its hard to believe that a 24 year career running between 22 yards has come to an end. Its yet to sink into Sachin and also to the millions of his fans the world over. He was an embodiment of passion, excellence, discipline, mastery over the game, controlled aggression, boldness and above all humility and humbleness.

Its quite possible that another cricketer may overtake his records but there will never be another Sachin – the human being. Despite all his glory, adulation, fan following, wealth, fame and power, he was always humble and down to earth. No exuberant celebrations, no extravaganza or public display of his emotions. He was as calm as a rock and unmoved whatever the occassion. His farewell speech will go down in history as one of the greatest and one that moved millions the world over. And especially his last visit to the 22 yards and paying respects to it, was a very touching gesture.

Am sure given his exuberance, child like enthusiasm and the ooze of talent within him, he will put it to use in other areas and rise to be a Master in the larger canvas of life.

As his wife Anjali said – “maybe cricket can do without Saching, but Sachin cannot do without Cricket” shows what cricket meant to this gentleman. As he said in his own words “Cricket is like Oxygen to me”, lets all pray that God gives him the courage to move on and help him utilise his talent and passion in the larger canvas of life.

Wishing him a great life ahead and eagerly looking forward to his second innings in the Real LIFE. 

Adios- Sachin there will never be another Cricketer and Human being like you. We miss you…….

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