Remember I love you

My Dear Child,

In the storms of life remember,I Love You….
When you’re suffering, remember,I’m there too….

When you think you’re all alone,And you feel you can’t go on ~Oh, beloved child, remember, I Love You!

When the sunrise comes, in glory,I love you..

When the stars fall in surrender,I love you…

When the dusk is red in splendor, And the evening breeze is tender, Oh, my dear beloved, remember,I love you!

I can speak in a million ways to any human heart All you need is that tenderness that sets your soul apart. I’ve a million ways to tell you if you open up the door. And I’m longing so to always tell you more…When you hear the music swelling – I love youDon’t you know?

When each bird call, you are telling – I love you…
Yes, love you so!

And when evening shadows fall-
Then I love you most of all –

Precious Child, you must remember,I Love You!

Yours truly


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