India Shining

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times so goes the old cliche
in many a start of a movie

In a way, I feel that is exactly what we are living in

The best and the worst of times …

I don’t think any other generation has lived through so much
of changes occuring in their Lifetime and mindset and outlook
in such a short span of time and with such long strides

Come to think of it
30 years back, there was B/W TV with just one channel
(Remember this LOGO)

Today we can watch any channel from anywhere in the world
on the internet, while having a video chat simultaneously

To someone from that era (we ourselves actually ),
today’s times would be nothing less than a sci-fi scenario

20 years back, even divorce was taboo
Today, live in relationships are becoming passe
We are actually getting ready to be bored with it

20 years back happy and gay figured in chidren’s poems
as words denoting the mindset of happy innocent children
Today, … …. O Boy … Parents would want their
child to be happy but not GAY

Technology has made life so much comfortable
The Cell phone with the cheapest rates anywhere in the world
has connected indians like nothing else ….
If the Green revolution freed us from carrying a beggin bowl,
the telecom revolution erased distances in a flash ..

And RELIANCE, whatever their internal squabbles,
made the cell phone affordable to the local sabziwala …

From Guduvancherry (There is actually a place by that name in Tamilnadu)
to Mumbai, From Kashmir to Kanyakumari
INDIA started to talk and boy, India have a lot to say
Walk while you talk to SMSing the janta for their views
(even though it has created a controversy for the
students in college),
What an idea Sirji became the byeline
for all pathbreaking innovations

Computerisation removed the serpentine queues
allowing anyone with the knowledge of basic internet usage
to book their tickets online … Away with the agents … to draw cash whenever they want … Away with the cashier at the banks …

Opening the economy to globalisation brought Malls
to India and the consumer revolution began …
With no middleman to inflate the prices, India
now wore branded clothing and Brand India became
INDIA SHINING although it did nothing for the politico

The Common Man .. the man on the street aka R K Laxman’s
dhoti clad check coated Indian became the epitome of
“Saala Main to saab ban gaya” whether willingly or not
is a different issue (Don’t be a spoilsport now )

All of which could not be imagined even 10 years back ..

Ok, so what there is still corruption, the metro still tilted over in Delhi
due to shoddy work, there is the flu now and increased materialism

But, In the best of time or the worst,
From Global economic giant to Nuclear superpower
to IT hub to outsourcing of BPOs & KPOs

India is where the action NOW is……

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