The Rakhi Swayamvar Non Reality Show

What a great Soap Opera it was. The Rakhi swayamvar Realty show. A few clowns went through the motions of a “Swayamvar” and a billion fools watched the show in rapt attention. No wonder NDTV Imagine recorded the highest TRP ratings in recent times. Do we believe that Rakhi is going to marry Elesh ???

In ancient India, Swayamwara was a practice of choosing a life partner among a list of suitors by a girl of marriageable age. In this practice, the girl’s father was conducting the Swayamvara. A list of suitors used to arrive at the girl’s home and ask for her hand. After evaluating the completion of various heroic tasks assigned, the girl used to identify husband of her choice and garland him.

Oh what an illustrious predecessors Rakhi had in selecting an eligible suitor, Seeta, Draupadi, Damayanti and Sanyogita are a few to name who found their husbands in the Swayamwaras.

It was all a natak, a soap opera put forth by the Television producers cashing in on the gullible public, who are ever so ready to sink into a hollow dream. After all these gruelling days of selection process, after going thro the motions of an engagement and exchange of wedding rings, Elesh informs that he is not yet ready to tie the sacred knot. He needs time to settle his business, marry off his sister, make some money and then marry Rakhi. Meanwhile he will date her from Canada. What a farce this looks like. Do you think he can continue to engage Rakhi from thousands of miles away and keep the Marriage Engagement warm. Its anybody’s guess….

Merely offering varmalas and exchanging a ring is not all about marriage. Its much more than that Rakhi & Elesh.

Its time the people of India realised that life is more real than the reel life. The television producers must be laughing their way to the bank to encash their coffers.

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