Tyranny of Justice

Wonder if Anna Hazare is so naive that he doesnt realise that he is fighting a losing battle or is he also an astute politician in the making, by riding the popular wave of “anti-corruption”. The key for behaviour modification is “consequences of behavior or detterance”. There is no consequence of behaviour or detterance for misconduct in India.
There was so much hue & cry with the media baying for his blood – DGP Rathore goes scot free and it was funny reading that his pension has been restored.  Similarly all the furore over Suresh Kalmadi has gone in vain, with CBI litterally exhonerating him by not chargesheeting him in the CWG Scam. The media knows the where abouts of Kanda , he manages to fix an appointment for his surrender but the police arent able to trace him.

Isnt it a tyranny of justice that “justice delayed is justice denied”. Its time that our Judiciary woke up and stood up……….

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