DR Manmohan Singh – A watchman who wasn’t….

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Photo: PTI
The enigma of Dr. Manmohan Singh, has come to an end. He often used to say that “history will judge him kinder than the present perception”. Im afraid Dr. Manmohan Singh, it may even turn out to be harsher.

He doesn’t realize that we was the PRIME MINISTER of the Country. There is no body above him and he had all the authority at this command to lead this country (technically). He was the LEADER of this Country. The qualities of a Good Leader is
  •  Honesty
  •  Have a Vision
  •  Inspire his team & lead from the front
  • Confidence & Result Oriented
  • Incredible Communicator
  • Intuition
  •  Sense of Humor
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Delegate & Get things done thro others

When he first came to power and was anointed the Prime Minister, the country was euphoric about his appointment and was hoping that he will lead this Country into a powerful economic, spiritual and social super power. He made a promising start in UPA1 (but much of these scams actually started in UPA1), brought about path breaking legislations like RTI and growing double digit GDP. But the lid was blown off in the second half of his tenure.

It is often said that Dr. Singh was above board and his personal integrity was beyond doubt. But we fail to realize that he is akin to a watchman.  He was appointed to safeguard the interest of the property that he is assigned to safeguard. If the property is stolen under his own nose and supervision, what good is a watchman? Either he too is in connivance with the thieves or he is an incompetent watchman. In normal circumstances 9/10 times, the watchman would have been sacked and even jailed in some cases depending on the enormity of the loss of property.

Dr. Singh was guilty of allowing the theft – 2G , CWG, CoalGate, Adarsh, Chopper,  Cash for Vote Scam, Tata Truck scams. In all these scams he kept defending the indefensible and dropped the ministers only after severe followup from the media and the Courts. Which means he kept protecting them as long as he could. 

He did nothing to prevent such occurrences not did he take any action against the guilt. In many of these scams he was the Minister in charge and we wonder how he can absolve himself of his responsibility.

He kept quite when the Institutions of the Democracy was being attacked viz. the CAG, CVC (appointment), the Army Chief (VK Singh), the Supereme Court, CBI and even the Election Commission. 

If he couldn’t stem the rot and have the courage to take action against the guilty he should have atleast abdicated power and stepped down, rather than presiding over  a corrupt Cabinet & Government. He should have realized that as a leader he is responsible for the acts of omission & commission by his team. His continuation in the Government indicates his personal penchant to cling on to the post at any cost.  He should have atleast quit after the public rebuke & humiliation by Rahul Gandhi, even when he was in the US and due to meet Obama.

A leader is supposed to be a incredible communicator, who can instill confidence amongst his team and people he serves, who leads from the front and is results driven. In contrast Dr. Singh was the opposite. The fact that they did not win a single seat in 10 states, did not win cross double digits in any state and even failing to become the leader of the Opposition party, is testimony to the anger, disappointment and public frustration with the Congress Government under the Prime Ministership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. He was a huge let down and turned out a huge embarrassment to the country, its people and even his own party. 

It was well known that he was supposed to be a puppet under the nose of Sonia Gandhi and true to it he remained a silent puppet. He turned out to be worse than that. In the end , even the masters to whom he was blindly serving turned a blind eye to him and the failed crown prince even boycotting his farewell dinner. He has become the scape goat & the fall guy for the Congress leadership for their disastrous show in history.  What an irony.

History sure will remember him as a beaureaucrat turned politician clamoring for power and hanging to power at any cost without any principles and the weakest Prime Minister India ever had.  Dr. Singh must realize that Silence is not always Golden …..

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