Is the word “GRATITUDE” missing from todays dictionary

The recent political developments at the Centre is a paradox of sort. Congress has only around 206 seats and way below the majority mark. For it to survive its dependent on parties like TMC, DMK, NCP etc. But the way the Congress party has been behaving that its got an absolute majority and been roughshodding over its allies in the UPA. For its survival it is totally dependant on its allies and if they pull the rug, the game is over for the Congress.
However time and again Congress has been indifferent, insensitive and non-chalant to its allies. Behaving as if these allies dont exist. They dont find it imperative to consult them and take them into confidence on important issues (fuel price hike, disinvestment, FDI etc.) and pass unilateral decisions and then expect them to rally around them and support them.
Well this is true not just in political circles but in real life too. How often we find such characters in Corporate world, at home, in society, amongst friends.

Departments, bossess, colleagues are dependant on other departments, subordinates, colleagues for sucess but ignore them and treat them with disdain. Take all the credit for sucess and blame the others for failures.
Children, spouses, family members dependant on bread winner but treat them with utter disdain, disrespect and indifference. As if they are born to serve others.

Similarly with friends, school mates etc.

Many a times colloboration, silence is taken as diffidence, weaness and submission by the other party. Its time that people realise that they owe their sucess to the silent supporter and pay due credit and respect to them, or is it too much of an expectation.

Or has the word “GRATITUDE” disappeared from the dictionary.!!!!!!!

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