Lets “Call it a Day”

How often do we postpone an activity in our personal life. Be it  vacation, purchase of a car, purchase of a house, pursuing a hobby, going to a gym, stop drinking etc. We normally tend to postpone it to the future. Instead what do we do, continue to slog like a donkey, chase money and stock them or grow them (if you are wise & lucky), burn yourself out and miss out of all the pleasures in life. You also end up neglecting your family, not being with your children when they need most, burn up and neglect your health and end up a vegetable.
Suddenly you wake up one day and say to your self “What am I doing, where am I going !!!”. Its too late and when you are ready to enjoy the fruits of labor, you realize you cant really enjoy. You don’t have the energy, you don’t have the health (hypertension, diabetes, acidity, fatigue, arthritis, anxiety, depression etc), your children have grown up and wont have time for you, you have emotionally moved a long distance from your spouse and lost out the ability to relax, sit back and enjoy life.
We assume that we are all going to live upto 90 years and healthy and a happy one. We take our life for granted or in our anxiety to save for the retired life we miss out on enjoying our productive part of life. We rarely live for today. We generally live for tomorrow.
A colleague of mine was living a normal life and attending to work till about a couple of months ago. Suddenly he disappeared from office and were told that he is sick. He had developed persistent fever and later on diagnosed with blood cancer. In a span of 8 weeks he died. The sad part of it, he was only 37 years old. I remember he used to slog it out in office, sitting late, working 6 days a week and hardly on leave. All of a sudden he is no more.
Recently another colleague of mine who was Heading a very noble Function, aged around 42 years was attending a Training program and collapsed during the program. He was rushed to the Hospital but of no use. He passed away leaving behind a home maker and wonderful daughter.
Another friend of mine is around 40 years old and is heading a Business Unit of a large Multinational Company in India, earning a huge salary, globe trotting and in a enviable position (in the eyes of the society). He used to slog day and night, Saturdays and really stretched himself far to reach this position. When he is ready to enjoy the fruits of labor, he is restricted because he has developed diabetes, acidity, starting to grow bald, diminishing eyesight, showing signs of arthritis and living a life full of restrictions. He is a typical example of
When I have the TIME, I don’t have the MONEY
When I have the MONEY, I don’t have the TIME
When I have MONEY & TIME, I don’t have HEALTH to enjoy

Hence it is important that we learn to balance the need for a life in the future and life in the present. How long do we chase success, chase money only to add more ZERO’s in your bank balance, how much more are you going to amass wealth for your children because for most people they will not be able to reap the fruits of their labour.

Its easier said than done. When do we put a full stop, when do we pull the string, when do we say “its time” before it becomes time up”.
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