Mount Road

In the midst of the city of Madras
A road that was named after douting Thomas
A road so long as ever seen
And the crowd that flocks has never been
In any other road, other than Mount Road

The beauty of the road
Is like that of a black board
So dark and shining
With the buildings soaring
All along the edge of Mount Road

The cop stands in the middle
With a thing in his mouth, known as a “biggle”
Which sounds shrill through the air
That stops all the vehicles like a stare
All this happens on the Black Mount Road

For the pleasure seeking kid
There’s fun all over, to make him a nit-wit
With the theatres and hotels within everyone’s reach
Like the pebble strewn all over the beach
Along the pleasant Mount Road

Here and there is a sub-way
Through which the pedestrians make their way
And there is a fly-over
Which makes all the vehicles to hop over
So exciting and thrilling is busy-busy Mount Road

A poem written on Mount Road in Chennai (Madras), India.
by Ramesh Ranjan
published in 1985 as 1st year student at Madras School of Social Work, Chennai

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