RAJU REMEMBRE- ” Our Journey to the New World, a medley of Travelogue by Raju & Manna”.

We had organised a program “RAJU REMEMBRE” in Feb 2009, in fond remembrance of my late Parents Dr. K Rajagopal and Mrs. Manoranjini Rajagopal at Bangalore and had invited all our relatives, near and dear ones. People from across the world had come to the program. We had relatives and friends recalling their fond association with Raju and Manna as they were fondly called.
We also had a reason to organise this program. My parents had visited the United States of America in 1989 courtesy the kind sponsorship of my uncle Late Dr CK Prahalad. They embarked on a 3 month trip to the US, Canada and UK. My father had jotted down his experiences on the trip in a tour diary and I stumbled upon it.

Hence I took upon the task of reconstructing it and publishing a book ” Our Journey to the New World, a medley of Travelogue by Raju & Manna”. We released the book on this occassion and had the privilege of having late Dr. CK Prahalad and my aunty Mrs. Gayatri Prahalad attending this program and agreeing to launch this book.

We also utilised this occassion to honour & felicitate Late. Dr Prahalad for being conferred the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India – the 3rd highest civilian honour in the country.

The program was well attended and we thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and love that our near and dear ones showered on my late parents and to all of us. 

We had presented some photo shows & videos of my Parents visit to the US, pictures of my Parents and other relatives from our album and also a slide show on Dr. CK Prahalad.

Many of them spoke on the occassion viz. Sahana’s aunt Mrs. Vanmala, Mrs. CSS Rao, my late cousin Venari uncle, SK Srinivasa Rao, Mrs.Shree Seshadri, Mrs. Sharda bai, Mrs. Gayatri Prahalad, my uncles CK Madvesh, Late Mr. Vasanth Madhav Rao and the finale was the felicitation of Dr. CK Prahalad and his address.

I sincerely thank all of them for having graced this function and also for having spoken so kindly about my parents and will certainly carry fond memories of this program till eternity. 

Whatever the Ranjan’s are today, its but for the kind benevolence of this noble couple “Raju and Manna” and we are deeply indebted to them.

Here is a video that captures all the action at the program.

Copies of the book were distributed to all the attendees. A soft copy of the book is reproduced below 

Our Journey to the New World, a medley of Travelogue by Raju & Manna (The Book – Read here)

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