Ram, Ram, Hare Ram couldnt make LK Advani a Prime Minister

Even Lord Rama couldnt help LK Advani and BJP to come to power. Merely chanting Ram, Ram, Hare Ram will not make Advani a Prime Minister. Its time that LK Advani and his over zealous BJP realised that Hindutva cannot take them no where. The common man’s need of the hour is economic prosperity and not religion. Hindutva is not going to feed, shelter, educate and safeguard the common man. He needs food, clothing, shelter and a stable job to help him live. Its unfortunate that rather than debating and harping on development, the overzealous BJP toed a wrong line and finds itself marginalised and in shambles today. Its unfortunate that Narendar Modi, despite having a strong background of good governance and development in Gujarat took to Hindutva propoganda. If he had harped on development, may be he could have done better. Its time BJP realised that the rhetorics of Varun Gandhi and Narendar Modi will not take them any farther. And as for Varun Gandhi, he fell into a bait laid down by his rivals and poor boy he got carried over by the shortlived press glory.
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