Tenets of Life – my Fathers advise to me

Well we have all heard of Polonious advice to his son. Here is my father late Dr. Rajagopal’s Tenets of Life advise to me……

    1.  Wake up, Its already morning
    2.  Have your bath & come quick
    3.  Take your breakfast. It is ready
    4.  Time for school. Hurry up. Don’t run for the bus be careful 
    5.  If the school is closed come back quicker, don’t waste your time there
    6.  Play for a while in the evening
   7.  Its time for German class. You must get ready
   8.  If its difficult to get back by bus, come walking. Walking saves time
   9.  Supper is ready. It is served by eight o clock
   10.           Don’t make too many friends. Have a few trusted and good friends, who are studious
   11.           There is no excuse for idleness
   12.           Don’t engage in gossip & spreading rumours
   13.           Work hard, success is assured
   14.           God be with you always.

Ive tried to follow as much as possible. What ever my success today or what ever I am, its because of having followed these Tenets of Life from my father. So very true and valid even for today and in this generation. Timeless advise, worth the weight in gold………
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