Voice of Internal Customer Experience – my paper published in HR.com

Stick FiguresGenerally Voice of Customer is referred to understanding the needs and also gauging the satisfaction levels of External Customers. At the same time we find that “customer – supplier” relationships do exist within all organisation. And this relationship is often ignored or not given the same importance as it is shown to external customers.

All too often, we take our employees and their job satisfaction for granted. We focus all our efforts on achieving financial results, acquiring new customers, launching new businesses, and driving customer satisfaction, but too often we forget about the people who actually turn all those promises into real actions.
Employees shape the experience a customer has with the company each time they have contact. Hence employees become the most memorable voice of the company brand as they constitute the actual brand experience. It’s people who ultimately deliver the brand promise. It does not make a difference what the company tells its customers about the company brand, if those who actually encounter the customer don’t deliver the values consistently.

Well here is a Paper of mine published in the world renowned HR.com, the leading HR Portal on VOICE – Voice of Internal Customer Experience. I have shared our VOICE program that has been implemented at Schneider Electric and how it has helped to gauge the pulse of the employees at each stage of the Employee Life Cycle in the organisation and also help us improve the Employee Experience. 

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