Who’s the weaker sex ?

There were two news reports in the newspapers today that are interesting reading and makes us sit up and think.

Around 3000 harassed hubbies have come together and formed an association and are going to organize a conference of “Harassed Hubbies”. Wow, we always thought that women were always harassed. Whenever we talk of harassment, physical relationship, abuse, breakaways or morality its always the men who are seen as the “bad boys”. If one were to glance the TV, or browse the newspapers or go through the litigations filed in the Courts of Law, it’s always the men who are allegedly “guilty” and rarely do we point fingers at a women.

The other news report is of a lady filing a complaint of “Rape” against her jilted lover. Understand that the lady was in a “live-in” relationship with a guy for about six months. As long as the going was good, it was a “live-in” relationship and “consensual sex”. When the going got bad and they had to part, it becomes a “rape”. What an irony? One can understand that a “rape” can happen one night, but how can it happen for 6 months. It certainly takes two hands to clap, isn’t it?

Recent reports have indicated that 40% of the marriages in Metro India are heading towards divorce. Interestingly most of them break up within the first year itself. It certainly takes two hands to clap.

With the globalization of the country, influence of the western world, education and financial independence of women and the influence of the media and the daily dose of television serials, women can no longer claim to be “satya savitri – all virtuous”.

The press, the police, the administration and the society at large are quick to pounce on the hapless “man” and pronounce him guilty even before he is heard and the investigation is completed.

The Indian society is heading towards a cultural change and the pressure to remove the artificial mask (that all of us wear) is increasing day by day. Morality and virtue are a thing of the past. It’s all about opportunism and opportunistic relationship in any relationship.

After all this one wonders “who is the weaker sex” !

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