Anna vs Kejriwal – Is it a case of sour grapes or the Politicians have had the last laugh !


The politicians have had the last laugh. Its a pity that just when we were hoping to see “light at the end of the tunnel”, it looks like its turned into a mirage. Anna and his “India against Corruption” movement on Lok Pal offered a ray of hope for India and its billion citizens but the recent developments and public spa between the two has disappointed millions across the country. The politicians have had their say in driving a deep divide between Anna and Kejriwal. 
Anna without Kejriwal and his team in not the force that it was in the height of the Lok Pal movement, at the same time Kejriwal is what he is today, because of Anna. Not sure whether it is jealousy, or insecurity or intolerance or its the handiwork of the politicians in driving this divide.
It is disappointing that a man of Anna’s stature should stoop low to criticize Kejriwal on the utilization of funds despite the latter clarifying. Kejriwal has had the funds scrutinized, audited and verified a couple of times by competent people and even offered another round of enquiry/auditing by a reputed person like Justice Santosh Hegde and offered to quit politics if found guilty. Anna should have kept quite but he continued his tirade against Kejriwal either directly or shooting thro the shoulders of Kiran Bedi or Gen VK Singh.
The latest episode at Raleigh Maidan was in bad tasted. It was Gen Singh who was launching a tirade against AAP but the AAP Leader was the one who got the stick. Instead of supporting and encouraging Kejriwal and his newly formed AAP Anna has turned into a sour grape and is whining day in and day out. His comment that if he had canvassed for Kejriwal he could have become the Chief Minister was in bad taste.
Arvind KejriwalThe anti-corruption movement has dwindled into insignificance despite attempts to revive it with the likes of VK Singh. It is Kejriwal who has emerged as a potential giant-killer with the gutsy and organisational skills to take on Sheila Dixit. He no longer needs Anna’s endorsement to make his political fortune. Now when Anna warns Kejriwal not to use his name during the campaign, it sounds outright amusing. 

Anna’s hysterics look suspiciously like that of an actor past his prime, desperate for attention. Far from Kejriwal relying on Anna’s celebrity, it is the guru who needs the shishya to find his way back into the headlines, and in front of the cameras. That could  be one of the reason for Anna backing the toothless Lok Pal bill being floated by the UPA Government.

Its a story of the famous Indian Crab story. One cannot stomach the success of another. This malady is threatening to kill India’s fortunes. 
Time and political tide wait for no one. Not even the for grand old man from Ralegan Siddhi.
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