From clown in reel life to real life – Sharukh Khan

Sharukh started his entertainment career as a clown in a circus in reel life and is more or less likely to end up as a clown in real life too.
No doubt he has invested substantial sums of money in the Kolkotta Knight Riders team, but that doesn’t mean that he knows cricket better than the likes of Little Master – Sunny Gavaskar and Dada Ganguly. He has more detractors than friends than ever before.

Sunil Gavaskar is a legend in world cricket. For long he was the highest run getter, highest centurion and highest catcher in the world cricket till another Little Master Sachin Tendulkar over shadowed him. Gavaskar was the one who put India on the Cricket world map and made India count. Who can forget his contest with the likes of Dennis Lillee, Jef Thomson, Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Malcom Marshall, Richard Hadlee and Imran Khan.

Dada Ganguly along with Sachin Tendulkar was the most potent opening pair in world cricket in One day matches. He is one of the most successful captains of Indian cricket and also taught us to stand up and take on the mighty. Who can forget our famous overseas win against England and the famed series win against Steve Waugh.

Does Sharukh think he is above these two pillars of Indian cricket and rough shod over them. His only weapon is a failed first class cricketer John Buchanan. He may claim responsibility for the Aussie’s success. Any one, even if Sharukh was the coach the Aussies would have won, with the likes of Shane Warne, Glen McGrath, Adam Gilchrist, Steve Waugh and others in their side.

Time again it has been proved that experience counts. Lets not deride the greats like Gavaskar and Dada based on a coach’s advise. What’s this theory of multiple captains ?. What better example can we have than our neighbouring country of Pakistan which has multiple captains steering the country. It is a road to disaster. “Why not have multiple Directors, Sharukh?” Are they trying to challenge the fundamentals of management, viz. “unity of command”.

The sooner he realizes its better, otherwise he is bound to lead KKR to disaster and make a clown of himself not just before world cricket but before the whole world. Come on Sharukh, this is real life and not reel life. Wake up………… You are better off, dancing with the girls on screen than dancing with cricketers on the field. Stick to your core competence and dont mess up with cricket.
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