Sharukh – “You have won more detractors than friends”

Dear Sharukh,

I was a great fan of you till the other day. We dont know whether you are driven by passion towards cricket or by the position of being the Team owner of Kolkotta Knight Riders. You are wandering into unchartered territory. You are no expert in cricket and are trying to take on the likes of Gavaskar and Ganguly. Neither is Buchanan, a failed first class cricketer whose only achievement is that he was the coach of the Australian Cricket team. Any one would have led Australia to victory if they had the talents like Glen Magrath, Shane Warn, Bret Lee, Steve Waugh and others.

In this years edition of IPL, you have lost the battle even before it has begin. Where was the need for the controversy of captaincy. You yourself has acknowledged that Ganguly was the best Indian captain. This theory of mulitple captaincy and the explanations given by Buchanan is laughable and is a sure recipe for disaster. The two of you not only challenging Gavaskar and Ganguly’s skills but are also trying to challenge the basic principles of Management viz. “Unity of Command”. Look whats happening in our neighbouring state of Pakistan. There are multiple captains and leaders and where is the country leading to… a complete disaster.

You are best at Entertainment. No doubt you have invested substantially into the KKR team but then leave it to time tested cricket experts to run the show. I am afraid you will turn the IPL into a Circus and make a Clown yourself.

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