Jai Ho ………Pakistan

“Jai Ho”….”Chak De” was coined for the Indian Cricket team. Alas what a coup it turned out to be. Pakistan swept India of its feet. A country torn into civil war, living in fear and constant threat to life, no visitors and not much of cricketting activity, shunned from the public domain and world cricket, rose from the ashes to conquer the cricketing world. A shame for India and that too at the hands of its bete noir Pakistan.

Indian team has much to blame itself. No doubt it has the talent and the competency to win the World cup, but Dhoni and his men approached the world cup over confident, arrogant and strode over the cricketing field as lords of cricket. Certainly they were a jaded lot after all those mindless games of IPL (god knows how many really watched all those games).

Some one needs to remind BCCI that the Indian team is made of human beings and not robots. 165 days of cricket in 260 days is ridiculous and can tire any supreme athlete. Even assuming our Indian cricketers are super men, mentally they would be jaded, especially coming close to the heels of the IPL2 (one week distance).

BCCI & Lalit Modi are not interested in National pride and interests. All they are interested is in filling their coffers with money.

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