Look nowhere for enemies……..

We dont need to look outside of India for enemies, detriment to our National Interests. Our politicians are our main enemy. They are the threat to the peaceful fabric, harmony and development of our state. Look at politicians like Vaiko, Mamta Banerjee, Varun G, Narendra Modi, Maoists, Naxals, Gowda’s, Mutalik etc. They thrive in politics by exploiting the poor, illiterate and backward people in the name of “people’s war, hindutva, tamil elam, moral policing”. Other than Narendra Modi, what have others achieved or rather what have the people benefitted. Poverty, lack of investment, hence lack of development, poor infrastructure, constant fighting and living in a state of fear. Good that this election shunned most of these self styled proclaimist and exposed their true colors. The less said about the Left and their Marxist ideologies the better. Pakistan is a lesser threat than these …….
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